About Us

MSCL.UP was born from a vision for health and fitness which was missing from the current market. A love of comfortable, stylish and functional active wear paired with a growing passion in health and the creation of positive lifestyle changes inspired us to start MSCL.UP. In early 2020, with the world looking very different, MSCL.UP was founded and we began the process of designing our first collection.

Our goal: to bring inclusivity, diversity and awareness to mainstream health and fitness. 

MSCL.UP is a socially conscious active wear brand, with a percentage of our profits being directly donated to grassroots community programs working in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. At MSCL.UP, we believe that the barriers which exclude populations from the health and fitness space needs to be addressed so that all can feel confident in finding a version of 'health' that works for them and their family.