Our Vision

"At MSCL.UP we want health & fitness to be simple"

The team at MSCL.UP are passionate about being that supportive best friend in your corner throughout your health and fitness journey. Our vision is that moving your body, making good food choices and creating communities of people who support and uplift each other becomes 'normal'.

We believe that everyone should have access to their favourite place to workout, that fresh foods should be more affordable and convenient and that choosing to better yourself is celebrated each and every day.


The MSCL.UP Project is a branch of MSCL.UP, created to provide a platform to support current grassroots community organisations and develop programs in the health and fitness space through the sale of the MSCL.UP active wear.

The focus is on preventative health and functional fitness across a lifetime, with the MSCL.UP Project supporting those currently working in these spaces for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

Maddy is a Gamilaroi woman, Registered Nurse and co-founder at MSCL.UP, and believes that through education, better accessibility and breaking down barriers, we can begin to positively influence the health narrative. In both her personal and professional life Maddy has seen chronic disease and ill health effect people's quality of life, and both her and co-founder Asher wanted to create a platform to support organisations and develop targeted preventative programs.

The MSCL.UP Project is about you & overcoming your obstacles to live a sustainably healthy lifestyle.