Stories Behind the Artwork




The pastel yet bright colours chosen in this painting are used to depict a calm, positive and optimistic environment for growth.

The circles through the middle represent the ebbs and flows of growth whilst the yellow tracks inform the viewer that it is a continuous journey; one that is never static and always changing. Influenced by the artist's life at the time, the ‘growth’ is shown as being internal and supported and guided from outside influences. Outside of the ‘internal growth’ is patterns that represent the culture of the artist, a huge influencer in her personal growth at the time. When this was painted the artist was also studying anatomy and physiology at university which is reflected in aspects of the painting; such as the dotted ‘veins’ within the areas that represent her culture. 



This painting uses both colour and symbols to tell the story of a journey through a lifetime. The different gathering circles and people surrounding them are symbolic of the different spaces we find ourselves in throughout our lives and the people that support us and influence us along the way. Whilst this was specifically painted for one Gunidjarr’s (mother's) life journey across two different areas (hence the contrasting colourways); the different gatherings could also represent towns, schools, communities or groups that you have found yourself in that have impacted your journey (Yanaya). The white is used by the artist to symbolise spiritual significance and the fresh bandarr (kangaroo) tracks tell the story of our country looking out for us and that the journey is not yet over.